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November 2nd, 2004  
Hi if you are a costlal jeager then you are supposed to talk swedish , because Nylands Brigad where CJ are getting there training is the only swedish speaking brigade in Finland.
November 2nd, 2004  
welcome.. where are you from again??
November 3rd, 2004  
He is from Finland.
November 5th, 2004  
Welcome to forum.. Nice to see some Finns here.. Are you from the Swedish speaking parts of Finland?
November 6th, 2004  
Welcome to the FORUMS.......Only a 6 month hitch in the service huh???
November 6th, 2004  
Nice one. Cool DPM
November 12th, 2004  

Topic: You are not a Finnish Marine!

Sorry to break it to you son, but you are not part of Finnish Marines. You are a regular Army soldier who's stationed in Swedish speaking base at the coast. That's why you are called Rannikkojääkäri. You are serving only six months and that makes you a Rubberhead 'kumipää' in Finnish. You are a free loader, almost as bad as civil service hippies. You just happen to have a green beret, it's not a symbol of Special Forces in Finland, it's just a green hat! Wake the f k up!

Naval Infantry trains the Finnish Marines in Helsinki Naval Base in Upinniemi. Only 80 men/women(so far only men) make the cut on yearly basis. They are all specially trained for 12 months. The training contains mostly guerrilla activity in the Finnish archipelago and in normal forrests, rifle squad leading and explosive handling. All the training is done under a heavy mental pressure to increase mental strength. After the training they qualify as a squad leaders of a Naval Infantry rifle platoon. That's when their duty begins, they attend yearly military rehearsals and serve as active reserve's men/women until they hit 35. Not like you, Rubberhead, you dodge the real service for 6 short months, go home and forget about it!

-The White Predator Of The Northern Woods-
November 26th, 2004  
Here is CoastalJaeger's rebuttal if anyone would like more information on this situation: