Greece: Libya, France To Join U.S. Naval Exercises

April 18th, 2008  

Topic: Greece: Libya, France To Join U.S. Naval Exercises

Does Libya use Russian type ships or French? I know a little about there AF but nothing about there navy, thanks.

Greece: Libya, France To Join U.S. Naval Exercises

Published: 1 Apr 15:46 EDT (11:46 GMT)

ATHENS - Libyan ships will join those of 11 other nations in naval exercises with the U.S. 6th Fleet this month as part of joint efforts to enhance security in the Mediterranean, the Greek navy said April 1.
The operation will link the United States and other NATO nations in exercises with the states of the so-called "Mediterranean Dialogue," an enterprise thought up 14 years ago to combine forces to fight terrorism but never yet properly implemented.

In addition to the United States, countries participating in the April 8-22 maneuvers will include France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya.
The operation, codenamed Phoenix Express 2008, includes joint training in procedures for surveillance of cargo vessels, patrolling and rescue work, said a statement by the Greek naval command in Athens.
There have been previous attempts to revive the faltering Mediterranean Dialogue, which is aimed at creating a partnership to fight terrorism and promote cooperation in both civil and military areas.
NATO agreed on a Mediterranean dialogue in 1994 with Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, but the program was never properly developed.
In 1994, NATO heads of state and government meeting in Istanbul decided to relaunch the initiative as part of efforts for peace in the Middle East and as a bulwark against terrorism.


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