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View Poll Results :Who was the Greatest Naval Commander of World War II??
Admiral Karl Dönitz (Germany) 4 11.76%
Admiral, Erich Raeder (Germany) 0 0%
Admiral Andrew B. Cunningham (United Kingdom) 6 17.65%
Admiral William "Bull" Halsey (USA) 3 8.82%
Admiral Chester Nimitz (USA) 13 38.24%
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (Japan) 4 11.76%
Admiral Chuichi Nagumo (Japan) 0 0%
Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher (USA) 0 0%
Admiral Raymond A Spruance 2 5.88%
Admiral Raizo Tanaka 2 5.88%
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May 6th, 2005  
With out a doubt it is Admiral Chester Nimitz (USA).
October 9th, 2007  
Chester Nimitz for his Victory at Midway.
October 12th, 2007  
Admiral Cunningham never really gets the credit due to his use of Air Power. November 11th 1940 he launches a raid on to Taranto Harbour sinking a number of ships. This raid then sets the Japanese of to raid Pearl Harbour bringing America into WW2 and showing the Americans how to use Naval Air power
October 12th, 2007  
Del Boy

Apologies for a lttle irreverance here.

Can I nominate my Uncle Fred. Chief Petty officer on HMS Hood, and a great boxer to boot.
October 13th, 2007  
There are some truly great men here, I guess in the end it came down to personalities for me. I threw my vote to Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz.

He always appealed to me as being an honourable man.