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November 12th, 2009  
i would also give the Sayeret Matcal a room here.
November 12th, 2009  
would they fitt?
ok i know bad joke sorry lol...
November 12th, 2009  
it's fine i didnt get it:P
November 15th, 2009  
for WW2 Germany
1st SS pz dv Leibstandarte
2nd SS pz dz Das Reich
3rd SS pz Totenkopf
5th SS pz dz Wiking
9th SS pz Hohenstauffen
10th SS pz Frundsberg
12th SS pz Hitlerjugend

Napoleon's Imperial guard
Napoleon's Grande Armee (while in camp at boulogne- post austerlitz, before heavy losses at Eylau)

Romans (many eras)

Greek-Spartan-Macedonian hoplites (up though Alexander the great) perhaps the "toughest" infantry of all time

Mongols - perhaps the most "effective" or "successful" armies of all time

Underrated - unmentioned
Swedes before-under Charles XII , tremendous in the charge utilizing steel weapons after firing muskets

November 18th, 2009  
3rd Division(American) at the Battle of the Marne(The second battle)

Pre Middle Ages:
The Byzantine army under Justiane I
November 18th, 2009  
i would also give the Sayeret Matcal a room here
Oh certinly. For the raid on Antebe and operation Aviv Neurim, and countless others most of which are still classified.
November 24th, 2009  
Legion XIX under julius caeser, served the whole gaullic campaign invasion of britain, 2nd and 3rd civil war. Deadliest and favorite of caeser, they won his battles for him
November 24th, 2009  
Out of the top of my head, when I read the title, I thought "The 75th Rangers".

If they have one thing, then its the best damned motto out there [Rangers lead the way!]
January 19th, 2010  
Armenians during the Armenian genocide and also the war for karabagh
January 27th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Easy-8
Pre Middle Ages

- Persians under Cyrus the Great
- Spartans at Thermopylae
- Macedonians Army under Alexander the Great
- Romans in almost every war/battle they fought
- Carthaginian Army under Hannibal
- Visigothic heavy Cavalry at Adrianople in 378 and Chalons in 451
- The slave rebellion in Rome under Spartacus
- Germanic tribial fighters at Teutoburg Forest
- Huns under Attila

Middle Ages

- Vikings from 793 to 1066
- Koreans during the First Goryeo-Khitan War
- Normans under William the Conqueror
- Samurai in Japan
- Muslims under Saladin during the 1st crusade
- Knight Templar during the 1st crusade
- Mongols under Genghis Khan
- Scottish Army during their war for independence
- Welsh Longbowmen
- Teutonic Knights and Poles/Lithuanians in their various wars with each other

Post Middle Ages

- Samurai in Japan (again)
- Polish Hussars at Kircholm
- Russians under Peter the Great
- Prussians under Frederick the Great

Colonal/Napoleonic/WWI/other era

- The British (built the worlds largest oversea’s empire enough said)
- Roger’s Rangers during The French and Indian War
- Continental Army during the American Revolution
- South African Boers during the wars with Britian
- French Grand Armee under Napoleon
- Napoleon’s Imperial Guard
- Russian Winter (during Napoleon’s invasion )
- Texans at the Alamo
- Americans during the Mexican-American War
- Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during US Civil War
- Confederate Horsemen during US Civil War
- Stonewall Brigade during US Civil War
- Union XIV Corps at Chickamauga
- Union V Corps during the Seven Days Battle
- Prussians during Bismarck’s reign
- Japanese Navy during the Russo-Japanese War
- Serbs during WWI
- German 8th Army
- German Sturmtruppen
- French in WWI
- The US “Lost Battalion” in Argonne Forest
- Marines at Belleau Wood
- Poles during the Soviet/Polish War


- Finns in Winter/Continuation/Lapland War
- Wehrmacht in France and low countries during the 1940 invasion
- RAF during the Battle of Britian
- Afrika Korps and Desert Rats in the African theater
- Soviet Snipers at Stalingrad
- 62nd Army at Stalingrad (and later on as 8th Tank Army)
- II SS Panzer Korps at Kharkov, Prochorovka and Market Garden
- 82nd Airborne in Italian and Normandy Campiagns
- FallshirmJaeger at Mount Cassino
- Großdeutschland on the Eastern Front
- 12th SS Panzer Division at Caen
- British Paras during Market Garden
- US Marines in Pacific Theater
- US Navy at Midway
- Japanese in Malaysia and Philippines
- 1st Special Service Force in Italy
- US Army Rangers at Normandy
- 101st Airborne at Bastogne
- Tuskegee Airmen in the air war over Europe
- 6th Ranger Battalion in the Pacific War


- 1st Marine Division at Inch’on and Chosin
- Chinese PVA during the first phase offensive in the Korean War
- US 2nd Infantry Division during the May Massacre
- 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam
- Aussie/NZ SASR during the Vietnam War
- IDF in the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War
- SAS/Paras in the Falkland War
- Spetsnaz in Afghanistan
- Iraqi Republican Guard in Iraq/Iran War (although they didn’t do to well later on…)
- Task Force Ranger in Somilia
- Chechens in the First Chechen War
- Task Force 121 in GWOT

Various gullrilia movements threwout the ages

- Scotish in early part of the war to free Scotland from the English
- Spainish fighting against Napoleon
- Minutemen during the American revolution
- South African Boers during the wars with Britian
- Cubans fighting alongside Castro
- PAVN/VC/Viet Minh in the Vietnam conflict
- Hezbollah during the Civil War in Lebenon
- Afghan tribial fighters (during the Soviet invasion)
- Chechens in the second war with Russia
- Iraqi insurgents (well some of them at least)

I saw by all the posts that many where added, Great! From all that needless sacrifice of many, if you do a count of all lives lost it would be mind bottling.
A Gunnery SGT told me once there's no Glory in War, just needless Horrific devastation and human Carnage.

Spanish fighting against Napoleon. Just a headsup Spanish is a language. Spaniards is the people from Spain.

Lets no forget the Conquistadors 300 Vs 600,000 Indian Warriors.

Lets not forget the Canadian Black Watch in WWI or the infamous 13th Battalion and WW II, Korea.

Or the American Civil War! I was reading In one day of Battle 15,000 casualties! A waste of Live. In "Gettysburg" a total of over 51,000 casualties. Wow!

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