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August 28th, 2005  

Topic: The Great Raid - Movie

What is this movie based on? The trailor says that 500 American POW's are rescued and it keeps refering to this as the greatest rescue mission in history, but where does this take place? And why only 500? At first I thought this was about the rescue of 2,000 American POW's at Los Banos the day before they were supposed to be executed but now I am really confused. If this is about Los Banos why did Hollywood scale it down to 500? This just doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me, can someone maybe explain to me what this is about or give me a link to work with?
August 28th, 2005  
Try these links:

This last one is probably the best for details without all the hollywood hoopla.

or do a search on Google
August 29th, 2005  
yea thats is it. and the troops freed them i saw a special on discovery channel on it.
August 29th, 2005  
Do you recommend it?
September 2nd, 2005  
It was pretty good and had some of the POWs giving some information as well as soldiers. I heard one of the Rangers say that a prisoner asked what kind of soldier he was. When he answered that he was a Ranger, the guy said "I've never seen an American uniform like that." When they were taken prisoner the US still had the old "doughboy" helmets and leggings.