The Great Escape

October 18th, 2008  

Topic: The Great Escape

The last surviving member of this break out William Thomas [Wing Commander] Has died aged 87, and sorry folks regardless to what ever Hollywood said their were not any Americans involved in this escape
November 10th, 2008  
That really gets my goat, no Americans in the Great Excape, but yet
the main actor was an American character. Just Hollywood
December 20th, 2008  
Mark Conley
I disagree about the non-participation of the americans at the camp for the great escape.

in the movie, the american that played the man who procured everything was a born an american. Major johnny "the artful dodger" dodge had enlisted in the british army during the first world war to get in the fighting sooner. Staying on in britain, he then volunteered for the fighting during the second war.

Nick Nichols was another american, a californian, who enlisted in the eagle squadron. he participated a lot in trying to escape with bushell and the rest of the gang as well.

Junior Clark and george harsh were directly wired in to the X organization as well. Both americans. both part of the security teams.

the americans had the bad luck to be sent to a part of the compound later before the break-out. but as paul brickhill said, sometimes their eagerness to escape, up to and including killing a german with a piece of piano wire, was really frightnening.

the link above indicates that the americans were moved to a different part of the camp prior to the breakout of harry. it even has pictures showing the route of harry from the hut to the fence.

now thats really straw picking, but ill take it.

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