Gotta love idiots!

Gotta love idiots!
November 24th, 2008  

Topic: Gotta love idiots!

Gotta love idiots!
About 10 years ago I had my oil furnace replaced due to a crack in the heat exchanger. 40 year old unit I can see that happening, since the last between 25 and 30 years generally.
Now here the fun part, the dam idiots that installed the new unit used whats called a roof jack, this device keeps the air flow to the burned and the exhaust separates the stack on these units are double walled, inside is exhaust outside in incoming air to the burner, a rook jack ALSO keeps WATER out of the heaters firebox and hear exchanger, these should last eh life of the heater, well, when they installed my rook jack they used one that wasn't galvanized steel, meaning it had NO protection from the elements at all. Well it roted out about 5 years ago, so I replaced it, now here we are in November and my heater started spewing exhaust into the house instead of up the stack. why you ask? Cause the spot where the heat exchanger and firebox meet rusted out due to water getting into it the entire time the original roof jack was installed before I replaced it.
Here I sit in my house withe kerosene heater blasting as hard as it can to heat the house, while the contractor is on his way out tomorrow to give me an "estimate on replacement".
I don't need a estimate, just give me a dam heater, I'll install it myself.

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