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August 8th, 2005  
Yup, that's just on tuesday...
I stand by my statement. But hey, I'm joining my old squadron. I already have written out the check. I just have to give to the Squadron Commander during tomorrow's meeting.
August 8th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Welcome back to the organization, sir.
August 9th, 2005  
How high did you get as a Cadet?
October 11th, 2005  
there is a young program for kids interested in the Army is called Cadets Corps. A.K.A Young Cadet Corps, army based program
October 11th, 2005  
Originally Posted by 5.56X45mm
Beause I know how they both work. Both programs say that it's just two hours a week. LOL. That ain't the truth. I do have to work and go to school too.
If only I could have known that before I joined.

The ACA is a good program, and they do have an army branch. what nice is they don't meet every week like CAP does, instead they meet 1 weekend out of the month, and they have 2 week encampments. I know a few people who are SM's and in charge (or at least high on their chain of command) out here and from what they tell me it's a good program. As to how busy you would be during the week because of it, I don't know. I have seen everything from it being like a full time to job to a hobby. Of course California is pretty big, so trying to keep track of units across the state would require a lot of traveling.

And good luck with rejoining.
Oh the joy's of CAP, college, and a dare I say life out side of the Sq.