Google Asks Gov't to Fight Censorship

June 23rd, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: Google Asks Gov't to Fight Censorship

Google Asks Gov't to Fight Censorship
WASHINGTON (AP) - Once relatively indifferent to government affairs, Google Inc. is seeking help inside the Beltway to fight the rise of Web censorship worldwide. The online search giant is taking a novel approach to the problem by asking U.S. trade officials to treat Internet restrictions as...
June 24th, 2007  
**** GOOGLE! WTF is this b******t. They voluntarily conceded to Beijing and have censored their own search engines. Someone please slap the **** out of these supercilious sons a bitches.

“Google’s willingness to be long on democratic pronouncements but short on meaningful actions — or, at the very least, words — that encourage change in the world’s largest non-democratic nation smacks of corporate doublespeak,” blasted Michael Boyer of the Weekly Standard. “If popular demand for Google in China is so massive, why sit idly by as the Chinese obstruct access to information?”

Google, no longer an upstart Internet search engine, but now the world's biggest media company by stock market value. The company's mission, it says, is to "make the world's information universally accessible." Today it re-launched Google-China for the Asian giant's 100 million users of the Internet. Yet uniquely, is its first self-censoring search engine, filtering out information not approved by China's communist authorities. The company said it had done so in response to local Chinese laws but huge amounts of information inconvenient for the Chinese authorities has been edited out. Anybody with an Internet connection can see for themselves. Go to -- any Google site around the world in fact -- and type in Tiananmen Square, for example, and you get 1.7 million results, and the top five hits are all about the brutal repression of the democracy demonstrations in 1989.
But the new Google-China site launched today -- type in the same thing, only 13,000 results and no mention in the top ten whatsoever of the events of 1989. Similarly searching for "Falun Gong," the religious organization banned in China, yields the same result.

"The BBC reports that Yahoo! has rejected a shareholder proposal to adopt an anti-censorship policy, as well as one to set up a human rights committee to review the impact of Yahoo!'s operations in places like China. The interesting proposals are numbers 6 and 7 in the proxy statement available through EDGAR. This news comes on the heels of jailed Chinese reporter Shi Tao, suing Yahoo! for its involvement in his conviction, and Google's rejection of a similar proposal. The anti-censorship proposal was submitted by the same groups (several New York City pension funds) as the Google proposal. The proxy statement also includes the Board's recommendations — "strongly oppose[ing]" both proposals — with explanations of their reasoning."
June 25th, 2007  
Google = Hypocritical!!!

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