Google and Alexa Toolbars

March 8th, 2004  

Topic: Google and Alexa Toolbars

I just wanted to tip you of two great tools that can help you to search and find your way on the Internet.

The Google Toolbar:

Search on google directly from you internet browser.
This option is great, since I do a lot of google searches during the day..
Pop-up blocker.
You can also view what google Pagerank each website has.
And one great option is the ability to search on the current page you are viewing.
Just write in the search words in the search window, and click on the words that appears on the right side of the toolbar and it will highlight the word and scroll down to it..
There are also some other options, like AutoFill, vote buttons etc..
Read more about the toolbar here:

The Alexa Toolbar:
I also use this one as an addition to the google toolbar.
You can search on Alexa directly from the toolbar.
Pop-up blocker/manager.
Info about the site you are visiting:
Site Rank, Links to that site, the WayBack machine and one very cool feature "related sites"
more info here:

One warning about the Alexa toolbar:
Spyware programs like Ad-aware and Spybot recognizes this one as spyware.
And it is supposed to be that too...
It collects some info about your surfing habits, in order to find and display "related sites"/"people also visit" and to update the site ranking, so it is pretty harmless, and you don't need to delete anything if you do a spyware check on your computer...

I have installed, and use, both toolbars.
They are easy to hide and display when you need them, just right click near the options at the top of your browser, and you get a menu where you can hide and display them.