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September 6th, 2004  
silent driller
As a Denver fan, I always want them to go. But, as much as I to admit it, my vote will go to the Redskins this year. Just cuz Joe Gibbs is back. But I will always be a Bronco fan!

*Mile High Salute*
September 7th, 2004  
the Buccanears. 8)
September 11th, 2004  
Kansas City or Dallas
September 26th, 2004  
Going For The Dallas Cowboys.... Dat Nguyen is underrated linebacker
November 25th, 2004  
I've got to go with the Patriots again this years. I think the Eagles would be my next choice even though the Steelers have beaten them both. Not to take anything away from Pittsburgh but I think the they caught both these teams on off days (injuries etc.).
November 26th, 2004  
silent driller
Several months ago, I said the Redskins would win. But I must make an amendment to that statement. I will be putting my greenbacks on the Eagles. If they beat New York(I will cry), then it's over. They will go.

...But I will always be a Bronco Fan! *Mile High Salute*
November 28th, 2004  
i'm with anyone who said KC....but then again it's the most unrealistic thing said. it's ok though, they're the best 4-10 team out there
December 5th, 2004  
atlanta,cowboy,or ravens with ray lewis
December 6th, 2004  
OK lewis, which one is your pick to win it all?
December 7th, 2004  
New England Patriots