Is god airbourne??

February 16th, 2005  
Lean mean female cadet

Topic: Is god airbourne??

a para is training for his 1st parachute jump. he gets told at 300ft pull red tag the para says"wot happens if that don't work?" the guy says" pull yellow tag once you reach 200ft" being inquisitive the para says "well wot happens if that still don't work?" the guys says" pull white tag at 100ft" the para feeling scared says "well still if that don't work.....?"
the guy says jus pray!!
the para jumps out and 300ft- red tag- NOTHING, 200ft -yellow tag-NOTHING 100ft- white tag NOTHING
Pray pray pray
so then a dark hand comes out the clouds and so lands the para
he says in relief" Thank god" and a dark foot comes out the clouds and squashes him!!
February 16th, 2005  
It's amusing.
February 18th, 2005  
April 24th, 2005  
HAHAHHA, awesome!
January 16th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Vitaly
me too.....
January 17th, 2007  
Its all right.
April 15th, 2007  
Team Infidel
it's just ok..