"Go see Brigade CSM..."

June 28th, 2005  

Topic: "Go see Brigade CSM..."

There I was a hard-chargin know it all wet behind the ears PV2 fresh outta basic and assigned to supply while I awaited the beginning of my AIT class. Now the supply sergeant recognized my high potential immediately and singled me out for an important mission. He pulled me aside from the other four who were sent to sort out a shipment of BDU's. I was actually scared at first and thought he had heard me cracking jokes in formation as we marched ourselves over to supply from company formation. But lo and behold I was not about to receive a butt chewing but instead I was heading over to, not battalion, but brigade headquarters. My assignment was simple, I was to proceed over to Brigade and see the Command Sergeant Major and pick up a critical supply item that the supply sergeant confided in me was too important to assign to "one of those knuckleheads" sorting BDU's. So off I range-walked to Brigade, yes sir I was going places. Well I come in, remove my cover and sharply reported to the lowly specialist that I was over from Charlie company 232 to see brigade CSM. She pointed me to the door and went and reported...
"Sergeant Major, PV2 Johnson reporting, request permission to enter!"
"Come in private. At ease. What can I do for you son?"
"Sergeant Major, Staff Sergeant Wilson sent me over and told me to tell you sir that I need to get some G-2."
Stifling back a laugh, "Private take a seat, we need to talk."

I then learned and never forgot that "G-2" is the designation for the general officer intelligence staff.
August 9th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's great............
March 24th, 2009  

Kind-hearted CSM.
March 24th, 2009  
Good one!
March 24th, 2009  
See now I'd have sent you to bring back the PRC (PRONOUNCED Prick for the unintiated) Echo 9. But thats just me.
March 24th, 2009  
Well, aren't you a sweetheart! LOL