Go Army Football!!!!!!!!!!

September 11th, 2004  

Topic: Go Army Football!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a navy brat but have always been fascinated by Army Football and after last year's season I hope we can make a comeback.
September 11th, 2004  
I think the Army is kind of occupied with some foriegn affairs at the moment, but I'm always rooting for the Service Academies (except when they're playing us (UCLA!). Come to think of it, last time the Army won a national championship (1944 and 1945) they were kind of preoccupied with foreign affairs too. Best oif luck to them.
December 5th, 2004  
i hope they can to, and i wish them luck
January 2nd, 2005  
hey this year we got on a winning streak!

lol 2 games but still that is good for us, plus we have scored this year

next year will be interesting