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January 3rd, 2005  
A wise Gunnery Sgt. once said unto me.

"If the Corps wanted you to have a Wife. They would issue you one at supply numbn*ts."

After my marriage I often reflected on that and thought Gunny was right
January 3rd, 2005  
lol..i love that quote..

i perfer girls with more contents then just "cute" or "hot" something..
and thank god i got one
January 4th, 2005  
Originally Posted by CrazyCadet142
, so we do actually like yall sometimes.
Could have fooled me. My wife hates me all the time
Best thing to do when "That Time" comes around is to grab your ankles and kiss your hiney goodbye - cause WW III just started in your house!

Ladies, I still love ya, but geeze take it easy on a guy, eh? :P
January 4th, 2005  
Lol, my last gf left me because my training "changed me". I guesse being motivated and having a nice haircut is a bad thing
January 4th, 2005  

What she really meant was; SHE couldn't change you. Lol.
January 4th, 2005  
my last gf left me because my best friend was aparently wearing a nicer and more trendy shirt than me (come on seriously, she left me for a guy who wore a pink shirt!!!)
i lost a gf and a best friend out of that one, was for the best tho, if she was going to be that shallow

i think the biggest mistake guys can make is that they feel that if they like a girl in any way shape or form, they have to date them.there is nothing wrong with being friends and you can actually loose a lot of friends, esp. if you act like a fool
January 4th, 2005  
my g/f said she loved me and couldnt live with out me all the time.....guess what after 3 months she was like I cant do this any more I still love you but I met someone better...........Turns out that that someone that was better made her cry every night
January 4th, 2005  
All i am gonna say is:

would you trust something that bleeds 7 days a month 12 months a year and stays alive? Cus the mood swings with that man you gotta be having a laugh if your gonna winde a womna up esp. during that time.

lol nah are hard to figure out aswell its not just us women..........easy lines to follow to not getting head ripped off:

!)don't lie
2)Don't comment when a woman thinks she is right
3)Always agree with a woman
4)Bring chocolate as a peace offer during "time of month"
5)and remember.........your never win that argument with her lol
January 4th, 2005  
Me, I must just be lucky. After a few unspectacular and crappy relationships I've found the girl of my dreams (she's an army medic so she understands me drinking/going on training/being a bastard at times). Can't complain at all, so sorry... my advice would be useless. But know that if you ride this out it'll all be fine. It may seem like the most important thing ever at the moment, but in a couple of years you'll realise that a; you've all grown up a lot b; you still don't understand women and never will c; you never will understand women.
January 4th, 2005  
Don't worry about. Just sit down and breath dude. Don't worry about anything.