"Ghost Soldiers" by Hampton Sides

January 25th, 2005  

Topic: "Ghost Soldiers" by Hampton Sides

This is one of the greatest military books that I have ever read. The book drops you into the action immediately. The book is about the U.S. troops who rescued 513 POWs in the Philippines many of which were the last survivors of the Bataan Death March. This book is a page turner if there ever was one. The book follows not only the troops sent to rescue the POWs but it also relates the living conditions of the POWs. I highly recommend this book to any person interested in military history!!
May 29th, 2005  
One of the guys in my unit left this book in his desk when he left the Army. He said he didn't want it so I took it home.

I haven't had a chance to read it yet, because I'm reading "The Battle For Mogadishu."
May 29th, 2005  
I read it a bit ago, and I enjoyed it. Good book. 8)
June 17th, 2005  
Yes, this is an excellent book, but i thought it was kinda confusing the way he jumped back and forth from the Rangers to the POW's, did anyone else get confused by this?
July 16th, 2005  
I thought the POW's story was great, but the Rangers story was slow until they got to the rescue.