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December 23rd, 2004  
Wait Darcia. You should know this.

From historical texts I remember reading a while ago, Hitler ordered industrial centers or areas that can be used by the Alliance destroyed. HOWEVER!, that is not all. In addition, Adolf Hitler did gave the order for Germany to destroy itself deriving from the Japanese Samurai tradition to escape capture and later to commit suicide. Or in other words, Hitler had the obsession for Germany to escape from another humiliating defeat and leave nothing for the Allies to win for. Fortunetly, the majority of Germans did not listen to such bitterness.
December 24th, 2004  
I have read stuff like that too. But all these diff stroies are kinda wierd. Specialy that the luftwaffe couldn't do it.
December 24th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I do remember reading about the SS killing Germans in the book "Citizen Soldiers" by Stephen Ambrose. Basically there was a regular German army unit and an SS unit in the same town. The regular officer realized his presence would only bring shells onto the civilians so he ordered a retreat. The SS guys didn't pull out but the German civilians didn't know. So they put out white sheets to signal surrender. By the time the Americans showed up, the town's trees had bodies suspended off them.
December 26th, 2004  
That is pretty interesting never heard that.
December 27th, 2004  
Charge 7
I would think that Grill Instructor would know what happened in his own country. He's quite correct. Hitler did issue those orders.
December 27th, 2004  
The Grill Instructor
Originally Posted by Charge_7
Hitler did issue those orders.
He actualy did. Hard to believe but true. The order to destroy german infrastructure is also known as the Nero Order.

Most important person for this order was Albert Speer. At the night to his 40th birthday,on 19 March 1945 he presented Hitler in the bunker under the destroyed Reichskanzlei in Berlin in private a memorandum, in which he told that on the final collapse of the German economy in four to eight weeks was to be counted. Expressly he advised to maintain the life basis of the people to last. Hitler announced a written answer and said :

"If the war is lost, also the people will be lost. It is not necessary, on the bases, which the German people needs to take consideration to his most primitive living on. In the opposite it is better to destroy even these things. Because the people showed itself as the weaker, and belongs to the stronger east people excluding the future. Which after this fight remains remaining, are anyway only the inferior ones, because the good ones are dead."

After that Hitler gave the "Nero Order".

Original of the Nero Order :

The fight for the existence of our people forces also within the realm area to the utilization of all means, which weaken the combat capability of our enemy and obstruct its further penetrating.

All possibilities of causing to the marching in force of the enemy directly or indirectly the continuing damage must be used.

Its a misstake to believe, not destroyed or only partly destroyed traffic -, communications-, industry- and supply systems during the recuperation of lost areas could be rebuild and used for own purposes again in the future. The enemy will leave us only a burned earth with his retreat and will let each consideration for the population fall.

I instruct therefore: All military traffic -, communications-, industry and supply systems as well as real values within the realm area, which usable the enemy can make itself the continuation of his fight somehow immediately or in foreseeable time, are to be destroyed.

For the execution of this destruction are responsible: The military command authorities for all military objects including traffic and communication facillities, the gau leaders and realm defense commissioners real values other for all industrie and supply systems as well as; the necessary help is to be rendered to the gau leaders and realm defense commissioners at the time of the execution of her task by the troop. This instruction is to be communicated to all commanders as soon as possible, opposing instructions is invalid.

Instructions for the chief of the transportation of the Wehrmacht planning department III (March, 29th 1945) :

1. Transport installations in the future with each area relinquishment in principle lastingly destroy. Deviations instructs in individual cases OKW. All restrictive instructions including OKW/West/Qu 2 No. 07069/45 of 15 September 1944

2. For the destruction of all transport installations the command authorities are responsible. They instruct preparation, release and execution.

3. The general of transportation is here a technical advisor of its command authority. He suggests objects and range of the destruction of infrastructure (railway and inland waterway craft) in agreement with local agencies of the RVM.

4. Destruction is effective only if they take place on broadest basis. Execution must take place therefore primarily via the RVM with its own forces and it the available the auxiliary workers. For technically difficult objects railway pioneers, where these are not sufficient, are troop pioneers and other forces of the troop to begin. The cooperation of these different forces is to be guaranteed by general of transportation in agreement with the local agencies concerned of the RVM.

5. A goal is work of a traffic desert in the abandoned area. Shortage of explosives requires inventive use of all possibilities of lasting destroying (use of each type of ammunition, also booty ammunition, fire plants, destroying important parts). Do not destroy also entire rolling and swimming material (particularly locomotives, course ships, self drivers) beside all traffic-important objects (structures of each kind, railway tracks, operating and workshop mechanisms) so far removable, under exhaustion of all aids completely. Here by bringing together create rolling material and fire plants as well as ship sinking strong barriers. Loss of locomotives and cars predominantly effectively for east opponent instructed on booty.

6. RVM and Reichsministerium Speer are asked for appropriate instructions of their subordinate agencies after managing guidelines.

In which way actualy bombs were used is unclear. Defenately the use of bombs and remaining aircraft were admitted. There is still the possibility that some aircrafts were remaining to fulfill the order.