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December 5th, 2005  
Im not sure if this was world war 1 or 2 but there was a squad of 12 german stormtroopers who were parachuted on top of a castle and then took it by dropping gas bombs through the ventilations and using flamethrowers to clear rooms of men still alive.
It has to be World War 2. No such thing as parachuting into combat in WW1, very few pilots had parachutes let alone soldiers. As Bory said, planes weren't used as transport much before the 1920's.

I don't think WW1 has Flamethrower, did they?
They sure did

The best I could find of WW1 was a drawing, but it gives you the idea of the application.
December 7th, 2005  
The fortress you are talking about is Eben Emael in Belgium. For more info look at this link:

One of the interesting things about Stormtroopers was that they broke with all standard strategies. Whereas it was common in all great armies to walk in long lines getting shredded by heavy MG's they broke completely with that. They "invented" run and cover, from shell-hole to shell-hole.. probing enemy lines and looking for soft spots. That is what made them so different. The English continued to advance in the old fashion till the end of the war, eventhough it was obvious how advantageous it was not to do so.
December 9th, 2005  
Mark Conley

one of the best movies i saw on WWI storm troopers was the one for "the Lost battalion". the one with ricky schroder in it...the german officers talk about sending in the storm troopers...and yes they had flame throwers
December 9th, 2005  
I recently read an article of the german and austrian stormtroopers.
If I find it, I´ll try to translate it and put it up here...

But at first:

The storm troop procedure was developed in the First World War by general Oskar von Hutier, as conventional attack methods in view of the intensified defense using contactor ditches, barbed wire entanglements and machine guns had become ineffective. The German storm troops of the First World War often carried an armoring at the torso in form of a steel plate. A similar procedure had already developed and was successfully used against the Austrians by general Brussilow in 1916. Since end of 1917 storm companies, later also storm battalions are set up with special volunteers, which could obtain special tactical successes as elite formations.
December 11th, 2005  
Cool, thanks for that Info systemlord
December 15th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Usefullidiot
From "The First World War"

On the 25 of Frebruary 1914 a German Stormtrooper and nine other men assaulted the largest fort of Verdun. Douaumont Fort, considered the most impregnable bastion of the world, was protected by barbed wire, spiked barricades, a 24 foot deep moat and a 12 foot high front wall.
The battle and storming in Verdun was in 1916.
December 16th, 2005  
The Italians also used ST in WW1
January 1st, 2006  
Well I fortunately found the article again. I will translate it in the next two - three weeks. (sorry bout that, but there are some exams waiting for me)