german Panzer song ..

german Panzer song ..
February 14th, 2005  
filipino german

Topic: german Panzer song ..

german Panzer song ..
Schwarz ist unser Panzer
eng trans below

Schwarz ist unser Panzer
Froh das junge Herz
Stählern unsere Waffen
Sind aus Deutschem Erz
R: Drum Kameraden
Hört die Parole
Und schreibt sie tief
ins junge Herz hinein,
Nur immer vorwärts, Gas gegeben,
Das Leben will gewonnen sein
Und fahrn wir dann in Stellung
Geht der Kampf dann los
Rufen wir Hurra Hurra
Zum Gegenstoß

Und ist der Kampf zu Ende
Ist der Krieg dann aus
Kehren Deutsche Panzermänner
Siegreich nach Haus


Our panzer is black
Happy the young heart
Our weapons are of steel
Made from German metal
And when we drive into position
When the battle will start
We cry hurra hurra
For the counterattack!

And when the battle has ended
When the war is over
German tank crews return
Victoriously home

R: So comrades
Hear the commands
And write them deep
Into the young heart
always forwards, accelerate
Life must be fought for
February 18th, 2005  
Canadian Sergeant
That is moving, very touching.
I think that the Panzers of Gremany were a very noble foe, and I am glad to see that they still thrive someplace.
March 29th, 2005  
what i dont understand is the whole counterattack part. wasnt the whole point of blitzkreig to attack first and swiftly and end the battle as soon as possible?
german Panzer song ..
April 10th, 2005  
filipino german
Yes i know what you mean...i just looked it up again...but the correct translation of "Gegenstoß" is Counterattack.....
June 24th, 2005  
the real german panzer song is named PANZERLIED! and his first strophe is:
ob'sturm t oder schneit ob die sonne uns lacht
der tag gluhend heiss oder eiskallt die nacht...
and this song was used by wehmacht panzer troops and it's still in use in bundeswehr today!