German Forces overseas

German Forces overseas
August 2nd, 2006  

Topic: German Forces overseas

German Forces overseas
As I picked up a German newspaper today (Westfalen-Blatt 2. August 2006), I was reminded of the book "Sophie's World - ISBN: 1 85799 722 0." It seemed to me just like yesterday, (in fact 1944/45), that the governments of Britain and the USA were saying " Germany must never again be allowed to become a military force."
Now the Headlines read - 9 Billion Euros spent on overseas-forces actions - a sum far higher than the tax-Money being pumped into the health insurance of that country. For a nation which has no active enemies outside its borders, a possibly strange state of affairs! Why on earth are 7700 German soldiers serving in countries where they are not needed or wanted, and that with the good will of the Allies mentioned above?
It seems, as in the book mentioned, we can spend our whole life checking the facts, and still end up knowing as good as nothing when we die.
Who was really responsible for WW2? If it is right for the USA to invade Iraq, although no terrorist threat came from that country, or for Israel to invade Lebanon because two of its soldiers were kidnapped, could we not use the same excuse for Hitler (no friend of mine!), for entering Czechoslovakia and Poland? Both countries were guilty of oppressing and murdering ethnic Germans within their borders. Was this not also a state of affairs, where assumed national interests were put before world needs?
Perhaps Major M. F. Thurgood, was right when he wrote his work ( Churchill - the leader Who Saved The World From Tyranny. ISBN 0-9726775-4-2).
But tomorrow of course, there will be new headlines to read and these will also differ from paper to paper. Perhaps we may even found out why Dr. Kelly and others who pointed out that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction were removed, or whether it is Mossard which plants the bombs in Iraq. That country cannot be a danger to Israel as long as the population there remains divided.
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, who can claim to know it?

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