German coalition hurt by scandal but won't break

February 17th, 2014  
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Topic: German coalition hurt by scandal but won't break

Agriculture Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich's resignation prompted tit-for-tat calls for the Social Democrats, who share power in Chancellor Angela Merkel's "grand coalition", to offer up a scalp of their own. However, analysts expect the coalition, which has a large parliamentary majority, to return to business as usual after a brief spell of shin-kicking between Merkel's conservatives, its Bavarian sister party led by Horst Seehofer and the Social Democrats of Sigmar Gabriel. So despite the fighting, the coalition will survive." Merkel's grand coalition, which was sworn in only two months ago, has to tackle delicate reforms of the energy and pension systems. But Friedrich's resignation last Friday was over allegations dating from when he held a different position in a different government.


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