Gas bag retaliation

March 16th, 2012  
Jonny Reb

Topic: Gas bag retaliation

You've heard the story before Stiff upper lip Brits in their Tin Can with no 'V' shaped armour underneath troundle along at the predictable time with no purpse other than to show the natives what's what and get blown up - mass grief and supprise.
Now what cold of happened: IF the Talaban don't want to antagonize the locals they will be somewhere watching for the Brits before exploding the bomb. A drone skiming over the route before hand could detect the enemy if they are in the open. What to do - release Jonny Reb's gas bag. Essentially a Hydrogen filled gas bag ( yes hydrogen its cheaper ) with an air foil section. Of neutral buoyancy powered by Li drive motor it can locate itself over the insurgents. The motor does not have to supply lift ( saves on available power ) but if it has to change height than using ailerons for positive or negative lift the bag can under drive spiral upwards or downwards. The attached camera transmits close up views of the suspects. The gas can then be totally released via a vave and what is effectively, with the contact explosive carried as a load, a bomb land amongst them, or if the operator is not sure, to the side to scare them away. The bag can also be used against the weak top armour of a tank turret or the engine compartment.
The real answer is a dirty big reinforced arrmoured car with flail going before.

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