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View Poll Results :What is your favorite game sytem?
Xbox 12 37.50%
PS2 11 34.38%
Gamecube 0 0%
Gamboy (all of them) 0 0%
N64 0 0%
NES 0 0%
SNES 1 3.13%
other 8 25.00%
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December 9th, 2004  
well let be be the first to say this (yes i am surprised that no one else has) MODDED XBOX!!! google it and make sure you investigae Slayer's installer a must have.

with a modded xbox you can have the best of almost all the consoles. right now i have n64, ps, gameboy, and even nes and snes emulators!!!

and if this makes sense to any of you

1.6 smartxxv2 slayer/evox 2.6 120gb samsung dvd
December 12th, 2004  
Jason Bourne

Xbox is really good also though and i would have to say Knights of the Old Republic is perfection

PC i would go with World of Warcraft or EQ2
September 8th, 2008  
PS2 + Final Fantasy
September 8th, 2008  
PC, with a decent processor and video card.
September 9th, 2008  
The Other Guy
WOW was this thread ever long gone... I'd been a member for 2 months when the last post was made before moogle's today!

Started by bllrby2104... I wish he'd come back, he was a lot of fun. And he STILL has one of the best avatars of all time.

I'm with Lunatik, I'm a PC man myself.
September 12th, 2008  
major liability
PC, by far. It's the most powerful with the right components, you can do a hell of a lot more than just play games, the mouse and keyboard is the ideal control interface for strategy and shooting games, you can play almost every game ever made using emulators, and the internet "service" is unrivalled (we take for granted what Xbox Live users pay for, it's been around for us since before the 90s). With the right skills mod teams can enhance and completely alter games, creating free content. And since they are not bound by the fear of losing their investment, they are free to experiment with all types of weird and innovative gameplay ideas that publishers just aren't willing to risk. That's a great thing considering how much it costs to make a modern game, which can have hundreds of people working on them at a time.

The downsides to the PC are cost and the fact that you can't really play split-screen with one unless you have it hooked up to a large screen and you're playing a game that uses controllers rather than the mouse and keyboard. I play old school arcade and console games with my friends all the time.
September 12th, 2008  
Agree with Major. PC has always rocked the gaming world, and is now and will always lead it. One other thing you can do with PCs but not with consoles is LAN parties, which are by far the most fun, social and interactive gaming experience out there. Most major PC game producers and magazines organize huge tournaments with cash rewards. You reserve your seat, take your gear there or rent one, and participate and it's a lot of fun even when you lose. And of course good music, interesting shows and meetings and lots of alcohol go hand in hand with the games.

Try THIS with your crapy consoles!