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View Poll Results :What is your favorite game sytem?
Xbox 12 37.50%
PS2 11 34.38%
Gamecube 0 0%
Gamboy (all of them) 0 0%
N64 0 0%
NES 0 0%
SNES 1 3.13%
other 8 25.00%
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November 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Ochoa
well i cant choose, like in pc i like first Unable shooters and strategy games like C&C(all the games) and i'm waiting for Battle for middle earth on dec. Its like Red Alert but LOTR style
I used to love C&C (the first one) and Red Alert. Those games were awesome back in the day. But now there are so many new strategy games it's hard to choose. I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are a little bit more realitic though. I like Age of Mythology and Star Craft too.
November 25th, 2004  
silent driller
I am a PS2 person. XBox controllers irritate me. Just me. Yes. Me. They irritate me.
November 25th, 2004  
PC and N64

PC for shooters, race and strategy games

N64: Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mariokart, Mario 64 need i say more To bad i sold my N64....
November 25th, 2004  
A Can of Man
PC and PS2
November 25th, 2004  
I am a Girl Gamer (Yes we do exist) and I love all my gaming systems.

PC: Sims 2
NES: Super Mario Bros 3
SuperNES: Final Fantasy 3 in US(FF6 in japan)
PS: Final Fantasy 8, Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean, Chrono Cross
PS2: Final Fantasy X and X-2, Dance Dance Revolution
GameCube: Luigi's Mansion
Xbox: Fable, DDR

DDR is super fun!
December 1st, 2004  
XBox, and Halo 2!
December 8th, 2004  
XBOX is more girl-friendly I think. hehehe

BUT my favorite games I used to play on DREAMCAST: All the RESIDENT EVIL series. Then Nintendo bought them out and I refuse to buy a Game Cube.
December 8th, 2004  
PS2 Because of:
Ghost Recon
Vice City
San Andreas
Kill Zone
Kill Switch
Back To Baghdad
Freedom Fighters
December 9th, 2004  
Ps2 all the way baby
December 9th, 2004  
Pc then Xbox