Gains In Iraq Will Continue, Bush Says

March 4th, 2008  
Team Infidel

Topic: Gains In Iraq Will Continue, Bush Says

Baltimore Sun
March 4, 2008
WASHINGTON -- President Bush pledged yesterday that security gains will continue in Iraq but offered no new details about how that promise will affect the timing of additional U.S. troop withdrawals. In thanking Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, who until recently was the No. 2 commander in Iraq, Bush said, "The gains that you and your teams have made will continue on, because stakes in Iraq are essential for peace, essential for freedom, and essential for the security of this country." For 15 months, Odierno was the top day-to-day commander in Iraq under Gen. David Petraeus. He oversaw the buildup of military forces that Bush ordered in January 2007.

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