The Gadget Show: Jason v.s SAS

March 7th, 2017  
Finbar G

Topic: The Gadget Show: Jason v.s SAS

I am so sorry for bringing up video games again... but this is something I found really interesting.

There's a British TV show called "The Gadget Show" (I don't think it's on any more though) They show off the latest tech, video games etc. I saw a clip on Youtube where they were talking about C.O.D Modern Warfare 2 when it first came out, and, more specifically, the very first level of the game (The tutorial) where you play as a US Army Ranger and, after learning how to aim and shoot, have to run a training course known as "The Pit" shooting targets that look like Terrorists while Trying not to shoot the civilian targets. And have to complete it in the best time possible, your time determines the difficulty the game recommends you play on.

Just bringing you up to speed, not really the main point, The Gadget Show built a real "The Pit". While it probably wasn't exactly the same size, it's layout was near identical. The host of the show then ran the pit in the game and set the fastest time he could, at the same time, an Ex-SAS Operative (As he was in the Special Forces, they couldn't reveal his identity, so they referred to him as "Sid" throughout the video) ran the real course and the two times were compared.

"Sid' completed the real course in 42.1 Seconds
The Virtual Course Was Completed By Jason (The Host) in 35.8 Seconds

If you would like to watch the video, Here, have a link:
[ame=""]The Gadget Show - Real Life Modern Warfare 2 Level - The Pit - YouTube[/ame]

Again, sorry for bringing up video games again

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