Fuse setting machine???

December 1st, 2013  

Topic: Fuse setting machine???

Hello all, I'm new to this site. I'm here trying to get answers from the community on a recent "find". I found something in my house from the previous owner who is now deceased. The box says "case no 3 gauge, fuse setting machines" then at the bottom it has J.B.C. Serial No. and 1/1945. The box is made of wood and its definitely military of some sort. I have pictures i can add but i'm not sure how. Does anyone know anything about what i have? Let me know if you need more information. Thanks
December 1st, 2013  
It's probably a device for setting the timer on fuses for artillery or mortar rounds.
The timers are mostly used for illumination rounds where they are set to detonate after a calculated amount of seconds, so you'll get the correct height for the light (normally around 600 meters).
January 1st, 2014  
Also Ack Ack rounds could be set to explode at a certain height

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