Funny war stories

July 28th, 2010  
Jeff Simmons

Topic: Funny war stories

I had a professor in college who was a journalist in WWII. He landed at D-Day and followed the troops to liberate Paris (he shared a hotel room there with William Hearst and Cornelius Ryan). They joked about how it was impossible to get a printable quote out of Gen. Patton. He then set out across France, and missed his convoy one day. He was walking down a muddy French road when a jeep passed him by. The jeep pulled over, and the man in the back waved him up for a ride. He dashed up the road and jumped in the back, only to find himself sitting beside Patton. Hoping to get an exclusive story, my professor asked him, "How are we going to get through the Siegfried Line, general?" Patton replied, "Like goose s*** through a tin horn." He didn't say another word for the rest of the journey.

If anybody else has some amusing anecdotes, I'd like to hear them. I'm tired of focusing on all of the blood and guts right now. I'll be looking forward to hearing them, because I know there's got to be a lot out there!
September 18th, 2010  
Mark Conley
welcome jeff

have you tried the true military stories section of the forum? its not all doom and gloom...
September 18th, 2010  
Mark Conley
oops...i guess you have! four bucks to me anyway...oops i posted back to back...i guess i need to get back to the swing of things...
December 8th, 2010  
Army Old Sweat
As an English 'pom' your humour is different to ours. Even so, check out a global sample on

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