fun at MEPS and P.O. my recruiter

August 5th, 2009  

Topic: fun at MEPS and P.O. my recruiter

well i went to MEPS very weird for your first time. i got to go the day before stay at the hotel (very nice) woke up at 0430 got yelled at a few times by the bus driver that was on a power trip lol. get their ready to pass it all walk up to the first line they ask for my I.D. and my social security card, but whats this my social security card is in my truck 3 hour drive away. So i get to wake up my recruiter 0500 let him know that he needs to go to my house in my truck get my card and bring it to meps well 7 hours later he shows up with it, so i'm ready to start my process right wrong. its lunch, another hour wait. then i finnaly get to give them my blood, let them touch my Boys and Bend over and let them look in the canion. I thought my fun was over.....but i get to ride a 3 hour ride home with Mr. Happy A.K.A. my recruiter.