Fun and games at the rifle range

July 16th, 2009  
Mark Conley

Topic: Fun and games at the rifle range

Another time...another place

While on mobility with Tactical Air Command (TAC) you were required to go to the rifle range and qualify with your M-16 rifle. Some minimum score was required: otherwise, you kept going till you passed. It really was kind ad nauseam thing. We all hated it.

We had one young man that despite his best efforts would never pass. Sometimes he just had trouble even getting them to his target, let alone the precious black silhouette in the middle.

One day...several NCO's decided to take pity on him...and each, on his own, decided to contribute a few extra rounds to his target so he could pass. Strange..but some how this charity involved the three shooters on each side of him...with out cooridination of any type between them.

So it was very strange that when this young man finished his 20 rounds in four clips...that he actually had managed to hit the target on his own 20 times..with 12 extra holes in his target for good measure. Each of his benefactors had given him 2 bullets a get him through.

The range people scored it as they saw it by the way. The young man didnt have to come back for a year.

I loved the people in TAC.
July 16th, 2009  
Team Infidel
July 17th, 2009  
July 17th, 2009  
Dumb scorers!
July 17th, 2009  
Hehehe, we did this in BASIC at Bliss for one kid but the DS coordinated it so it would add up correctly lol.

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