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View Poll Results :Concerning the war on terrorism, I think the French government is
a stark ally committed to winning the war on terrorism. 2 11.76%
a moderate ally somewhat committed to winning the war on terrorism. 2 11.76%
supporting agendas that socially, politically, and economically benefit only the French. 10 58.82%
a moderate foe passively undermining cohesive alliances in the war on terrorism. 2 11.76%
a stark foe actively undermining cohesive alliances in the war on terrorism. 1 5.88%
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August 20th, 2004  
and I am sure coming from you, the pill will pass better.

America did not join in in 39 but was dragged in the war later.
Rebuilding Europe after the war was not just humanitary but political.
America and England never liked Degaulle and supported other alternatives like Juin....and eventually had to face "retaliation".
Actually, in 54, the US were discreetly but somewhat strongly engaged in the Indochina war, covering up to 80% of the costs and providing 29 C119 to resupply Dien Bien Phu...but in 45, the OSS was training and arming Uncle Ho and the Viet Mihn against the French.
Suez was a big mess too and despite a success on the ground, France was strong armed to let go....

France brags for being the worst and best US ally....We had our moments in our relationships....Afghanistan works well (about 800 troops + around 200 SOF in the Southern border) and Iraq does not. The US wants us in Sudan, we already are in Haiti and Ivory coast...

Agenda driven? sure....everybody...

My last point here will be regarding the sources of our infos or of our discontent...
One is free to bash the French but for what?
Not agreeing on doing something the US congress just admitted it would have never done, knowing than what it knows now?
Fine...maybe France was right not to go to Iraq in the name of WMD AND AL QUAEDA! Removing Saddam was a later justification (sure we did not find WMD or Al Quaed but the world is sfer without Saddam (sic)).

And what about boycotting Russia for providing Iraq (via Syria) the Kornet missile that was so successful against the M1... on top on saying no to the war?

I can live with France's choice, even if I don't fully agree with it.
I have a hard time with the "reptilian" French toast / French fries business (they are not French anyways! )

Last week I received this mass mailing email saying Bush was taking anti depressants. The mail had a link to a funky website. I made a search "kerry is an alien" and found dozens of sites supporting my query. I forwarded them to the senders of the previous email.
My point is one can find anything justifying his/her believes on the web....but is it true because it is there.
That is when one has to sit down, search deeper, compare, digest, try to piece the info together....
One cannot rely on one source or political orientation to get news unless seeking an easy self conforting feeling of rightness.

French bad. US good. Bush good. Kerry bad....whatever!
The world in not black and white but grey with many closets, tons of skeletons and conspiracy theories!
Remember: Kerry is an alien and will put Roquefort cheese on your tables and defend French interests when elected
August 24th, 2004  
David Hurlbert
In an effort to revisit my feelings on this issue, I would like to say I still prefer sipping California wine with an American woman wearing nothing but freedom braids.
August 25th, 2004  
I am so open minded that I do exactly that every day! Actually, my wife does not give me any choice....
August 27th, 2004  
David Hurlbert
Nice more ways than one! 8)
August 28th, 2004  
thanks everybody for the probably most intelligent (cos respect from every part, i suppose) discuss i've read on the subject, and i've read a lot; only soldiers and victims can know or feel the right thing about what's happening; i think they do have the right to a hate some other people, and i've read so much about hate between usa and france from every side, it's just disgusting, a kind of new game i guess...

so common *******s from everywhere just keep hating each'other
it's so reassuring to choose your enemy...