French Fries cadence?

French Fries cadence?
April 6th, 2009  

Topic: French Fries cadence?

French Fries cadence?
It was a cadence I heard and ran to once before. I was wondering if anyone knew it because I'd like to run to it again. So can you post the "lyrics" if you know them?

Thanks in advance.
April 9th, 2009  
A Can of Man
someone might have just made it up.
April 24th, 2013  

Topic: this may or may not be it

heard this when I was active duty:

I went to McDonald's to get a big mac
They better give me fries or I'll be back
when I got home I looked in the bag
there wasn't any fries so i loaded up a mag
jumped through the arches... crashed through the doors...
aimed center mass and I dropped him to the floor
when I come back there won't be no surprise
they'll give me a full bag of fries!
singing lo-right-lay-o....
French Fries cadence?

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