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August 26th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Warwick
Sometimes its the only way...... anyone really serious about joining the Legion would/ should have the smarts to hook upon one of the many Legion websites or forums for advice.
Though they have a pretty harsh view on wanna-be's......
Ive been to forums the actual website, none of them are helping, Im serious about joining and Im not looking to be babied the whole way through. I just want to make sure I dnt make this trip for no reason
August 28th, 2013  
Go to cervens All the advice you could ever need is there!
September 10th, 2013  
Hello everyone.
I am new here and will shortly introduce myself but before that wanted to comment on this post.

As a European long story short I found myself in the dilemma of either joining the legion or not having any kind of military experience, so I did alot of research on the legion.

Essentially like many said, CERVENS forum has alot of info and is managed by legionnaires or ex-legionnaires.

The reason many on this forum are "rough" is because 99% of posters are wannabes asking the same questions, people with no guts talking and talking about how they're going to join, but never really doing anything about it.

And alot of ex-legionnaires on this forum are of the generation that didn't think like that. to them, it was "shut the **** up and join if you want to do it". There was no discussion, no "how to prepare" thread and other nonsense.

But for those serious enough about joining there is some good information on this site.

Also, there are alot of myths concerning the legion, obviously because of its checkered history.

But the reality in 2013 is the legion has nothing to do with the legion of the past except some traditions.

2013 legion is an elite "combined arms" unit, with its own cavalry, airborne, engineer, infantry, units.

They are usually the 1st to get sent in by the French government and the last out in any OP.

Recruit wise nowadays its a real mix. But lots of Eastern Europeans, Chinese/Asians, and Europeans along with the usual lot of Americans, Brits, South Africans, etc.

In terms of info the official legion recrutement site is also very good:

I would ask any question about felonies and crimes on there.
Generally as I understand, the legion has the following attitude: If you're a strong willed guy with a good attitude, they are willing to let "bad" guys in and close their eyes on many things. However some crimes DO NOT PASS anymore as the level of recruits and high competition means they can afford to pick the best. But like another poster said, if you lie no matter what you will be rejected. What the legion hates above all is liars. And from my experience hiding or "not mentioning" something is slightly different than lying in the legion

But again dont lie, because the Gestapo (name for background check recruitement guys who interview you) are somehow able to trace everything (they must have interpol access).

So my conclusion is:
- Join if you want to join a military unit of the highest caliber, but cant join your own country
- Dont join if you are not certain you want military lifestyle. Not hollywood military lifestyle. Scrubbing toilets, cleaning guns, running until you have nearly a heart attack, crazy NCOs, crazy wild parties and heavy drinking, proper infantryman kind of lifestyle.

I mention this because like many people mentioned...There are better ways to spend 5 years. But if you think you're made for this go for it.

I almost forgot. How to do it?
Just pick up a plane ticket and go to the gates of the legion HQ in Aubagne.
The legion takes care of the rest. A little preparation won't hurt of course, check online for that there are countless threads (what to bring, what not to bring, etc...There are full guides for foreigners out there).
But most important bring a 100% will. If you're hesitant or not fully commited, you will fail (like many do).

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