French ban private ownership of military vehicles

March 15th, 2006  
sven hassell

Topic: French ban private ownership of military vehicles

Read today that the French government has banned private ownership of military vehicles.
This includes jeeps and land rovers painted in olive drab or dpm and has no consideration for age or historical importance.

The Office of the FFVE

Vehicles of Military Collection of Origin

The FFVE communicates

Rennes, February 4, 2006

Many Collectors wondered about the late publication of the decree n2005-1463 of
23 November 2005 coming pursuant to the law n2003-239 from March 18, 2003 known as on "interior safety".

Indeed, six articles of this decree (bearing on the weapons) more particularly relate to the vehicles, ships and aircraft of military collection of origin, in particular article 8 which regards them as weaponries of 2nd category and subjects their owner to the very strict mode of the preliminary authorization for any acquisition or detention.

However, the weapons of 2nd category are defined in the article L 2331-1 of the Code of defense as being the "materials intended to carry or use with the combat the weapons with fire".

Article 2 of the decree n95-589 of May 6, 1995 specifies that they are for the terrestrial vehicles the "tanks, armoured vehicles, like their shielding and their turrets", but also, of the "not armoured vehicles equipped at station fixes or provide with a special device allowing the assembly or the transport of weapon".

Moreover, the decree of 20 November 1991 fixing the list of the weaponries and comparable additions under the heading "category D - Tanks and military vehicles terrestrial", a a whole series of various vehicles such as: "

a) Tanks and other military vehicles armed or armoured;
b) Vehicles and specialized equipment of the genius;
c) Vehicles especially designed or modified to allow the installation of a weapon;
d) Vehicles especially designed or modified to allow the transport of the weapons or ammunition of categories A or B or the materials aimed to the subparagraph has above;
E) Amphibious vehicles especially designed or modified for a military use;
F) mobile Workshops of repair especially designed or modified for the maintenance of the military materials;
G) Parts, components and specific accessories of the materials aimed to the subparagraphs has, B, C, D and E above;
H) Tools specialized in manufacture of the materials aimed to the subparagraphs has, B, C, D and E above "

There is thus a risk that the concept of weaponry is extended to that of military material, like with that of vehicle of collection of military origin.

However, this extension would be particularly detrimental to the citizens devoting itself to the leisure of the collection of this type of vehicles, ships or aircraft old.

This is why, the French Federation of the Vehicles of Time (FFVE) and the F.F.M.V.C.G.F. introduced proceedings for annulment of the decree n2005-1463 in front of the Council of State and parallel to continue to act with determination so that the authorities recognize that they are true objects of collection at most raising of the 8th category "historical weapons and ammunition and of collection".

It looks bleak for French owners of historical military vehicles and hopefully won't set a precedent for other European governments to follow.
March 15th, 2006  
hmm.. wonder if this benefits or not..

Sweden is giving away its military vesells heh..
March 15th, 2006  
sven hassell
Originally Posted by MightyMacbeth
hmm.. wonder if this benefits or not..

Sweden is giving away its military vesells heh..
Who can it benefit apart from politicians who want to look like they're getting hard on terrorism by passing laws although its only soft targets like us and not the real enemy who suffer.
"They can have my Abbot self-propelled gun when they prise it from my cold dead hands"
March 15th, 2006  
ahh good point made heh.. but what about the people who want to get those stuff?
March 15th, 2006  
sven hassell
Thats the point! We wont be able to buy it anymore. It will be destroyed!
March 16th, 2006  
Hey, I do want to buy the jeep from WW2. It's cool thing. Also, I do want to buy a tank. heh.

I think french people should give the old military to USA. I don't want the WW2 thing to destroyed, It is historical.
March 16th, 2006  
I couple of my friends and members of the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association). They all got pissed off when they heard about this. There are tons of vehicles in France. And now they are being destoryed because of another liberal ruling. The French Government "feared" this items so they wanted them destoryed.

Stuff like that pisses me off. I have been trying to save to to buy myself a kubelwagen. I know of a couple of folks in France that sold them. But they can no longer sell them.
March 16th, 2006  
I just dont understand the point.
March 16th, 2006  
ahh bloody..

I always wanted to get my hand on one of those things. And now that I know that France WAS selling them.. its history.. alas..
move on men, we aint got no gain by crying in here..

lol 8)
March 17th, 2006  
Well I think the French Government are worried that soon some private collectors will have more arms they have