Frank Buckles (WWI) at the Pentagon - Page 2

September 28th, 2010  
How soon we forget , even in the military. In 1976 a young cadet at the AF Academy discovered that their janitor, William “Bill Crawford was a Medal of Honor receiptiant (as an Army Infantryman in Europe) in WWII, upon being informed one of the faculty quipped that a janitor for the AF was an appropriate job for an “infantryman”.
“A “modern” infantry may ride sky vehicles into combat, fire and sense its weapons through instrumentation, employ devices of frightening lethality in the future -- but it must also be old-fashioned enough to be iron-hard, poised for instant obedience, and prepared to die in the mud.... If liberal, decent societies cannot discipline themselves to do all these things they may have nothing to offer the world. They may not last long enough.” T.R, Fehrenbach, This Kind of War, a Study in Unpreparedness, 1963

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