France cuddles Britain.

France cuddles Britain.
March 28th, 2008  
Del Boy

Topic: France cuddles Britain.

France cuddles Britain.
Just to establish that I am NOT aminority of one here:-

Daily MailRichard Littlejohn
Merci, Sarko! We CAN be proud to be British

01:28am 28th March 2008

He may have all the humility of a sommelier at a three-star Michelin restaurant, but I was prepared to give Nicolas Sarkozy the benefit of the doubt when he hailed Britain's history on his State visit this week.

His address to Parliament bears repeating.
How many armadas has your nation defeated? How many battles has it won which everyone thought lost?
"Your nation has succeeded in taking up so many challenges which seemed out of reach precisely because it quite simply was convinced that its cause was right, because it had faith in itself, because in all circumstances it has demonstrated an unfailing determination and courage.
"In this respect, the Battle of Britain was a magnificent achievement. In the hearts and minds even of those who fought against it, your nation has stood out through its respect of the other, its tolerance, its way of life, its freedom of spirit, which has been forged throughout a long history full of sound and fury.
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French President Nicholas Sarkozy hailed Britain's 'glorious' history during his State visit this week, but was he genuine?

"In all circumstances, it has succeeded in remaining itself, continued thinking for itself, and that was enough for it to embody, in the eyes of many, a human and political ideal."
Sarkozy talked about the blood and treasure Britain has expended in the cause of freedom and spoke of how France will never forget that sacrifice.
As chat-ups go, it was impressive. You can see why Carla Bruni fell for him. As someone once said: if you can fake sincerity, you've cracked it.
But whether he meant it or not, Sarko made a speech which no modern British politician would ever dare.
I'd like to think that a few of the assembled parliamentarians in the audience had the decency to feel ashamed of themselves. So many of them have done all they can to deny Britain's past.
Sarkozy was speaking of a country which it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognise.
Would anybody say that today Britain still remains a "'human and political" ideal?
Far from "tolerance" and "freedom of spirit", modern Britain - at least, official Britain - is a model of intolerance and mean-spiritedness. Our "way of life" is under constant assault.
Can anyone say hand on heart that this is a nation which still has "faith in itself"?
The French may have had their Revolution but we live in a constant state of revolution, dedicated to eradicating just about all Britain once represented.
As far as this Government is concerned, history started in 1997. Everything that came before is bunk. We are supposed to feel guilty about our past.
Since the Guardianistas seized control of the commanding heights of our culture - education, the Law, the arts, the BBC and just about anything else - British history has been comprehensively trashed.
Schoolchildren are taught that Britain has an inglorious track record of war-mongering, racism, slavery, oppression and exploitation.
As for the bravery of our Armed Forces in defending freedom, just look at the Trotskyite rabble in the teaching unions who this week voted to stop members of the Armed Forces visiting schools.
In France, every town and village has a well-kept, well-respected war memorial, honouring all those who died.
In Britain, the National Lottery refuses to give grants to maintain either war memorials at home or war graves abroad, preferring to fritter away millions on illiterate modern "art", heroin addicts, illegal immigrants, terrorist apologists, Bolivian guinea pig farmers and Peruvian prostitutes.
Our heroes are without honour in their own land. Squaddies are forced to change out of their uniforms at Birmingham airport.
RAF Wittering personnel are instructed to wear civvies when visiting nearby Peterborough, in case they provoke local "youths".
Anarchists deface a statue of Sir Winston Churchill and the late Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris is regarded as a war criminal.
While Bosnian mass murderers and Islamic terrorists live unmolested - and usually on benefits - in British suburban council houses, loyal Gurkhas are turned away and a serving British soldier from St Lucia is denied citizenship on a petty technicality.
Our legendary tolerance is thrown back in our face. Britain has become a safe haven for all manner of terrorists, gangsters and malcontents from all over the world, who have decided that British taxpayers owe them a living.
We are the softest touch on Earth.
It is to our enduring credit that the great influx of immigrants and "asylum-seekers" has not provoked widespread civil unrest or a surge in support for the Far Right - unlike, say, France.
Yet only yesterday, an official report described Britain's asylum policy as "marred by inhumanity" and a "blemish" on our international reputation. What planet are these people living on?
We are now a nation run by a political class who give every impression of hating their own country and its history. They hold most of us who pay their wages in contempt.
Many of those clapping Sarkozy like performing seals as he spoke of the greatness of Britain are directly to blame for this state of affairs. They should curl up and die of shame.
We may not be seduced by his flattery, but it has taken a Frenchman to remind us why, despite the worst efforts of our modern political pygmies, we really do have every reason to be proud to be British. __________________________________________________ ______________
Sorry, chummy, Mecca's over there!

This week's edition of Mind How You Go comes from Lincolnshire, hardly a hotbed of crime and disorder.
Bodybuilder Gary Hall caught a teenage burglar in his home, near Grimsby, wrestled him to the ground and called the police.
Three hours later, there was no sign of the Boys in Blue, and the house was under siege from the burglar's friends, who were throwing stones and yelling abuse.
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Mr Hall had to let him go. The police said no one was available to make an arrest.
It can't be through lack of money. Lincolnshire police has just put up its annual precept on taxpayers by a staggering 78 per cent, an average increase of 100 per household.
So where's the money going, if not on arresting burglars?
Over in Grantham, they've just spent 5,000 on redecorating a new nick which opened only in November.
Part of the work included hiring a "special heights" team to repaint arrows on the ceilings of cells so that Muslim prisoners can pray facing Mecca, after someone spotted they were pointing in the wrong direction. Sometimes, words fail even me. __________________________________________________ _____________
With your comments regarding Sarkozy's address to Parliament concerning his regard for Britain's glorious past, and the current, abhorrent culture to trash all things British, you have spoken for what I hope would be the vast (thinking) majority of British patriots. It's great to hear the albeit lone voice of reason!

Keep up the good work Richard.

That was all them - this is Del Boy. Over and out.

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