Fourth Gripen offset report approved in the Czech Republic

June 10th, 2008  

Topic: Fourth Gripen offset report approved in the Czech Republic

Gripen folks are trying very hard to get more business.

Fourth Gripen offset report approved in the Czech Republic

Gripen Industrial co-operation moves forward and the fourth annual Report on Offset Performance in the Czech Republic approved by the Czech Ministry of Defence amounts to CZK 2.6 billion.(approx 104 million EUR).
6/9/2008 | On 2 June 2008 the Czech Ministry of Defence approved a total of 2.6 billion Czech Crowns worth of offset for the calendar year 2007. The total value of the Offset generated within the Gripen programme now amounts to 11.3 billion Czech Crowns (approx 450 million EUR) representing 44% of the total Offset obligation. The full offset obligation is to be discharged within a 10-year period from the effective date of the Offset Agreement, signed on 14 June 2004.
“We are well ahead of our milestone target and we are pleased to receive the positive response from the Czech Ministry of Defence. This result proves that Gripen Offset Programme provides an excellent way of establishing contacts and networks, which in turn has generated beneficial business opportunities that stimulate long-term growth and development of Czech industry,” says Bengt Littke, Gripen Internationals Programme Director for Czech Republic.
“We are pleased with this years result. The offset programme is ahead of schedule and based on experience from previous years Czech Republic should continue to benefit from the Gripen Industrial co-operation also in future. Czech Republic didn’t just receive a fighter but a long term economic advantage.” says Andrej Cirtek, spokesperson of Czech Republic’s Defense Ministry.

Gripen International has committed to generate offset and industrial cooperation to a value of 130% of the aircraft lease agreement value. The offset agreement requires a minimum of direct offset equalling 20% of the offset agreement’s value to support and develop the Czech aerospace and defence industry. The offset program will be fulfilled by 2014, which is 10 years from the contract signature.
Gripen is in service with the Swedish, Czech Republic and Hungarian Air Forces and has also been ordered by South Africa and Thailand. The UK Empire Test Pilots´ School (ETPS) is operating Gripen as its advanced fast jet training platform for test pilots worldwide.
Gripen International is also delivering successful industrial cooperation programs in Hungary and South Africa.
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