Fourth greatest American General

January 2nd, 2011  

Topic: Fourth greatest American General

Im not going to debate who was the greatest American General because thats going to cause too much hairsplitting and gnashing of teeth.
Everybody knows its a tie between Chesty Puller , George Patton and Robert E. Lee.
So who was the fourth greatest American General? Both your objective and subjective reasons are valid.
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February 27th, 2011  

Topic: Re: Fourth greatest American General

I think this should be open to military leaders for the US Navy had several people who would make the list. So my list is greater than just four commanders. Some generals were great on the battlefield while others such as Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was a supreme administrative leader and politician! I can't think of another general who could have done his job as well as he did.

Gen. Robert Lee deserves my nomination but, I can't say with any conviction any other general of the Civil War. My knowledge on WW-1 command level officers is limited, so I don't have any nominations. No nominations from the Viet Nam conflict since Washington interferrence was massive. From WW-2 and Korea, I nominate the following candidates;
Gen. Billy Mitchell (Commanded USSAAF Europe -destroyed the Luftwaffe & Pacific)
Gen. Leslie Groves (Commanded the A-Bomb project)
Gen. Creighton Abrams (the spearhead of Gen. Patton's drive to Bastogne)
Gen. Dwight Eisenhower (Allied commander Europe, administrator &, politician)
Gen. Benjamin Davis (commander of the Tuskegee Airmen, the crap he endured)
Adm. Chester Nimitz (commanded the USN during WW-2, in the Pacific)
Adm. Charles Lockwood (commanded US submarines in the Pacific during WW-2)
February 27th, 2011  
General Motors would win hands down.
February 27th, 2011  
A Can of Man
Originally Posted by senojekips
General Motors would win hands down.
Thought he was #1.

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