Four new F-16 arrive in Krzesiny

November 24th, 2007  

Topic: Four new F-16 arrive in Krzesiny

Four new F-16 arrive in Krzesiny
22.11.2007 13:44Four new F-16 planes landed in Krzesiny, near Poznan. Usually the aircraft are flown to other countries by American pilots, but this time, for the first time in history, one was flown by a Polish pilot – Major Cezary Wiśniewski.
Major Wiśniewski said that the trip lasted a week because of bad weather conditions. The regulations for first flights are very strict and specify the conditions in which the planes are allowed to be flown very precisely.
Wiśniewski also added that the flight over the ocean wasn’t that different from the training flights in Poland, but that the pilots are provided with special equipment for surviving in water in case of a water landing.
Presently, there are 31 F-16 planes in the base in Poznań; 16 are in the base in Łask, near Łódź. Poland bought 48 machines in total.


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