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August 9th, 2011  

Topic: Found this

Here's a piece I got a small amount of attention for my freshman year of high school years ago and passed it around the pm here at the milforum around 06, don't know if it's still here but anyway, found it while cleaning out some of my old things, I re vamped a few bits to erase the error I got marked off for as it was for school then thus graded.

Keep In mind I was 14 when I first wrote this, all I really did was spell check,

Cold feet aside here goes,....

That morning started out as any other, I reached for my books as glanced at my fathers picture of him in his uniform as I pulled the front door closed...

It was cold that day , as I remember seeing the swirling circles of my breath drift up around me while setting off alone down the gravel road for which we lived.

As I walked towards the station past the empty pastures, listening to the crunch of the gravel underneath my feet as I walked to where I would meet the other children for school.

I looked over the green hills in the distance, and at the grey overcast that blanketed them... As I made my way past a the open field that I walked past every day, I remembered how this place felt so foreign when my family moved here, now, I felt like the other children, and could call this place home.

I once again looked out over the field however, I then heard a noise that sounded of distant thunder, a faint rumbling that rolled over the green pastures and eluded my ears as I searched for it's direction.

The crunching of the gravel beneath my feet slowed,and then ceased,I was then standing with my head towards the grey sky,

I crossed the empty road, the cold still drawing the warmth from my breath, and walked through the shallow ditch and into the damp grass of the open field, for withing it's center stood a solitary patch of golden sunlight,

Even before I reached the radiant warmth of the small opening in the clouds, the sounds now had purpose, as I now saw them...

They danced in ever dizzying circles, and the twisted and turned in and out of the clouds, following and Turning into, and against one another as in an never ending waltz...

As I stood there for what seemed a moment trapped still, I listened and watched, as the clouds drifted farther apart, and the sky parted a portal for which I then saw the peril above.

They were brown in the morning sun, although I could not count them, they chased their prey clad in grey one by one, in and out of the clouds, and one by one, a distant, but faint thud...

Sickening puffs of black smoke now stained the sky, as the gap in my window in the clouds now filled in once again a blanket of grey,but only...

Right before the last ray of sun retreated back into the sky, I saw one of the alien craft dart into the clouds,

I remember I turned and ran, my pants now wet from the morning dew, as I turned to hear the growing thunder,

Above from the low clouds above, I watched as a he dove down upon me,

The others with him, flew low above me, the sound of the engines deafening my heartbeat, in little less than a moment, my ankle disappeared into a dip in the ditch by the gravel road...

Immersed in the sound, and warm tears rolling down my cheeks I turned my gazed sharply upward, and he gazed back,

The world slowed, and I could see his visor, pointing directly over me, the light and dark brown patches that clad his craft, as he roared over the tree tops at the edge of the field, as he and the others disappeared quickly into the distance, I then gathered my scattered books from the surface of the road,

For I now saw the black plumes of smoke rising over the green of the pastures around me, and rember the loud explosion as it rocked my body, and I turned my gaze down the road form which earlier I came....

For now a plume existed at the same spot behind the trees where my family lived...

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