Former Ohio football star Clarett arrested again

August 9th, 2006  
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Topic: Former Ohio football star Clarett arrested again

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - Maurice Clarett, a one-time star college running back whose career sputtered amid legal troubles, was being held on Wednesday after leading police on a car chase and the discovery of four guns in his vehicle.

Clarett sped away early on Wednesday when police tried to pull him over for a traffic violation, Columbus Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woods said.

Clarett, 22, pulled into a parking lot but would not leave his vehicle, and officers sprayed him with Mace and attempted to use a stun gun to extricate him. The stun gun, or Taser, which delivers a jolt of electricity, was ineffective because Clarett was wearing a bulletproof vest.
Four loaded guns, including an assault rifle, were found in Clarett's vehicle, though police did not speculate what he was doing with the weapons. He faces felony charges, Woods said.

Clarett had been free on bond from charges stemming from a robbery behind a Columbus nightclub in January in which he allegedly flashed a gun and stole a cell phone from a couple.
A freshman star at Ohio State University, Clarett scored the winning touchdown in overtime against Miami in the Fiesta Bowl, giving Ohio State the 2002 national championship. Before the next season, he dropped out of school amid allegations of academic cheating, theft and giving police a false identity.

He then challenged National Football League rules restricting the drafting of underclassmen, but lost in court. Clarett was drafted in the third round in 2005, but was cut by the Denver Broncos before the regular season.

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