Former Marine kills would-be robber - Page 3

June 5th, 2006  
my dad says new orleans was in many respects similar to a city of a third world nation: truth is, the kills per 100,000 people is rather similar......

regarding the thieves

who tries to rob a 6 foot 6 man......

the (former) marine had every right to defend himself, anyone who critisizes the fact he killed them doesn't see his side of the issue: two people with guns confronted him, he was problably scared on some level, so he killed them

the theives were problably white trash anyway

hell, if more robbers got owned like that, america would problably be a better place......
June 5th, 2006  
Before Katrina, the death toll by murder in N.O. was 227. The predictions were for another 107 to die before the year was out. Actually, the historic districtc of New Orleans is pretty nice, but there are areas you just need to stay away from. Carrying isn't a bad idea. Even in Baton Rouge, my brother keeps a .357 and a nightstick in his truck, just in case.

I was put in a position yesterday in which if it had escalated, I probably owuld have been killed, because the guy (from what I heard later) most likely wouldn't have stopped beating the hell out of me until either a. I was dead or b. My older brother had to commit justified homicide. Then this peaceful sandbar with 60 people on it... no telling what hell woulda broken loose. I was freaked out by it- I perfectly understand the marine's sentiments.
June 6th, 2006  
Originally Posted by moving0target
I say a hearty "Semper Fi" and good riddance of bad rubbish.
I agree!
June 8th, 2006  
the theives were problably white trash anyway
Wrong-o. Most of the robbers in downtown Atlanta aren't white. This particular crew was no exception.
June 8th, 2006  
After reading through that, I think that the one and only tragedy here (other than the few injuries to the ex-marine) is that there is no way of putting that woman on trial for murdering her own unborn child. Can'd find her guilty for anything since she's dead. Honestly, what the hell was she thinking? Obviously, she had no regard whatsoever for her unborn child, or she'd have stayed at home rather than going a'looting.

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