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February 24th, 2010  

Russia invades Poland on 14th September, massed T-26 columns crossing the border.

Polish pilots posing under a Pzl Łoś (Moose) tactical bomber, in the background a Pzl Karaś (CAS type bomber) lifts off.

German soldier inspects a captured Polish FT-17 tank.

Polish mechanized unit.

Polish anti-tank gun in action.

Polish engineers towing a pontoon bridge.

Polish armored battalion during inspection, first days of the war.

Polish armored car before the battle.

75mm howitzer and crew in positions.

Russian armor entering a polish town.

Remains of a german motorised company strafed by polish bombers.
February 24th, 2010  
"German Battery in Action" is 88 Flak used for ground action if I see it right.

February 24th, 2010  
Westerplatte (Polish coastal military outpost) ablaze, it defended 6 more days after this picture was taken.
Westerplatte was the place, were fought father of Yanek - protagonist from Socialist era fiction story and TV series `Four men of tank crew and dog`. This story and TV series was very popular in USSR during 80ies.

So, it wasn't forgoten even in Socialist era
"German Battery in Action" is 88 Flak used for ground action if I see it right.
I'm afraid those are 10,5 cm division guns 10 cm sK 18...

Here is pic of Flak 88, see how gun is mounted on cruciform:
February 24th, 2010  
Yes Supo but its still a battery in action More pics later (lots and lots and frackin' lots more).

75mm field gun during battle.

Polish tankette assault.

A platoon of german cyclists resting.

Polish 150 mm howitzer towed by C4P halftrack, presumably war time.

German cavalry resting their horses by a stream.

Germans shelling a town.

Polish troops retreating.

88 prepped for transport.

Germans moving through a ruined town.

German logistic platoon in Bielsko town.
February 25th, 2010  
Another day another batch of pics.

Polish mechanized column (tankette company).

Polish cavalry charging german positions.

German trucks passing a destroyed Pz35T.

A polish motorised unit in Warsaw soon after the beginning of the war (in the front a polish lieutenant).

German biker scouts examine a destroyed Sdkfz 222.

Polish motorised column halted, in the front Vickers twin-turret.

Polish 75mm battery supporting the cavalry.

Polish fighters heading for the front.

Polish infantry in combat.

Polish 7TP negotiating a slope.

More pictures later.

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