A forgotten company of the 10th US Infantry?

February 18th, 2010  

Topic: A forgotten company of the 10th US Infantry?

Hi there! I'm new here and was motivated to join because of the vast amount of knowledge that the various folks on this site hold in reserve.
I've run across a bit of a mystery and a sad end to the wishes of a Brigadier General. Company F of the 10th US Infantry Regiment attended the Geronimo Campaign and was then decommissioned and spread out.
Around 5 days ago I was cleaning out an old structure and came across a letter and photo that had been sent to the Commanding Officer of the 10th Infantry at Fort Thomas in 1932. Accompanying the letter was a photo of Co. F in Fort Union, New Mexico/1885. The Brigadier had been a member of this troop along w/ another future Brigadier General (Evan Johnson)/(both rose from the ranks of enlisted men) and most likely one of William Quantrill's previous soldiers. There is a list of names of all but 1 member in the photo. Does anyone have any information on Co. F? The letter about broke my heart considering the circumstances of the find. It was in the trash!


December 7th,1932

Subject: Old picture of members of company "F" 10th.U.S.Infantry

TO: Commanding Officer,
10th. U.S.Infantry,
Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Dear sir:-

I am taking the liberty of sending to you, by express, an old picture of members of Company "F"10th.U.S.Infantry, which has been in my possession for a number of years, it was taken in Fort Union, New Mexico in 1885, just a short time before we left that Post for the Geronimo Campaign. I have prized it very highly all during my career and still do, but have been thinking that when I pass on it may be thrown in the attic, destroyed, neglected, or not taken care of as I should like to have it done. I am sure that you will place it either with the regiment or the the company where it will be preserved for all time.
I joined this outfit in June 1882 at Buffalo, N.Y. and was discharged May 31st.1887 at fort Union, New Mexico, a Sergeant with Character "Excellent in every respect "signed by Capt. Stretch and Colonel Douglas, this discharge is the best of eight which I posses, and I cherish it as invaluable, both the Officers and Enlisted Men of Company "F" were he men, and their soldierly example and spirit of comradeship has always been a fond memory and made me consider Company "F" as my first love. We had superior Officers Col. Robert H. Hall, was my first Captain, Capt. Gibson, with only one leg the next and the last one Capt. John F. Stretch, we sure were proud of their soldierly appearance. 1st. Lt. Stephen Y. Seyburn, and. 2nd. Lieuts. Henry Kirby and Robert L. Bulard, were in the company during my service with it.
I re-enlisted in the 23rd. Infantry in June 1887, and transferred to the hospital Corps in 1888, discharged as Hospital Steward at Cadet Hospital, West Point, N.Y., Spet.1890. Re-enlisted Co. "E" 11th Infantry, Sept.1891, transferred to Hospital Corps at Fort Niagara, N.Y., April 1892, promoted to Hospital Steward in Dec. 1892, since which time I served in the Medical Dept. until Retired in 1909. Was stationed at Fort Snelling, Fort Riley, Fort Ethan Allen, Fort Wingate, N.M. Fort Robinson, (?), went to Cuba with 1st. Cavalry was at Las Guasimes and San Juan Hill, to China with the relief Expedition and then to Manila, Medical Supply Depot and Chief Surgeons Office. Had one more trip to the Islands in same capacity where I retired.
Upon retirement came to Phoenix, Arizona. Was made Captain in National Guard until the World War when I was commissioned a 1st.Lt.Sanitary Corps, since the World War. Have been with the Guard almost continuously and two years ago I was appointed Adjutant General of Arizona, and expect to retire again shortly.
Hoping that there is not too much I in this letter and that you will be interested in what I have told. ONLY PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE PICTURE.

Yours sincerely

Oscar F. Temple
Adjutant General of Arizona
July 22nd, 2012  

Topic: Photo of Forgotten Company

Do you still have the photo? - I'd like to see which one Capt John F Stretch was. He retired as Colonel and died in 1913 in Indiana.
December 28th, 2013  
I have sent you a pm, stretchcj!

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