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March 28th, 2004  
Just like Rainbow Six
March 28th, 2004  

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well, i am not gonna specify units, but a short search for Sayeret or IDF SF, in google should be interesting....
March 29th, 2004  
I think the Swedish Arctic Rangers are about the best in this country, which is guerilla warfare unit. Its nothing like the US rangers. They operate in arctic tempretures down to -50 and below (aswell as above heh) and they arnt airborne and they work in small groups by them self, with no support from other units. Out on missions exeeding 30 days.

Thats about what i know about them.
January 18th, 2005  
"If so, then even I belong to SOF, having served in an Airbase security and anti-SOF unit. On this grounds FDF rates its military police special forces. they after all have a speciial role mainly fighting enemy SOF. Finland has Guerilla, LRRP, Airborne Ranger, Coastal Jaeger and MP units for SOF use."

No. MPs, guerillas and coastal jaegers are not rated as SOF units, they are only common troops but more special branches than common regular infantry. MPs may have to fight enemy special forces while covering targets wich may get attacked by enemy SOF.

Coastal jaegers are common naval infantry and guerillas or should i say rangers are light infantry acting behind enemy lines and strike against supply lines and HQs but NOT SOFs.

Special forces are trained in Utti jaeger regiment where training starts with 12 month airborne ranger training and after graduation rangers can join special force training in 14 months special jaeger course and after graduation from the course they can be deployed in the unit and used on different missions in homeland and EU's missions.

I found a commercial recruiting video wich tries to get young people to join airborne ranger training and reservists to rejoin special force training.
January 18th, 2005  
we have these SF units (which im aware of) : JSO,Zandarmerija,72nd airborne "cobras",63rd airborne division,SAJ,Special units of military police,elite forces of police,red berrets,serbian knights and many more i cant remember heh,u cant find any of these special forces except 63 airborne on net since they are secret
January 18th, 2005  
There are a lot of Countries in this world and their militarys vary from total eradication of a populace to total surrender if threatened.
January 19th, 2005  
A Can of Man
South Korean Marines are considered a special operations unit. Also there are the Army's black berets and the most elite of them is the 707 unit. Also the Rangers.
January 19th, 2005  
south korean army...en......didn't really have a proud history huh?
January 19th, 2005  
Would you consider a commando unit SOF? If so does that mean the Royal Marines are SOF?
January 19th, 2005  
check this site, do have some info, a bit for every country.

used to steal their pictures for our Delta Force Game website, hehe.