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November 21st, 2004  

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hi, my name is leo angelo t medrano, 29 yrs old, and im a doctor here in the philippines. Ive always wanted to join the us navy ever since i was a kid. My uncle was in the navy and i look up to him with much admiration and respect. i have a pending petition for my greencard which was filed by my father 5 years ago. Am i entitled to apply for service?
November 21st, 2004  
Welcome to the Forums Leo.

I'll leave it to the US members to answer your question.
November 21st, 2004  
THANK GOD YOUR A DOCTOR. You a brain doctor? I need one badly!!

November 22nd, 2004  
Italian Guy
US guys in here will surely be able to answer that. Welcome buddy 8)
November 22nd, 2004  
Welcome to the forum. As far as I know the military citizenship requirement for the U.S. is as follows:
Must be a U.S. citizen or have been legally admitted to the United States for permanent residence and possess immigration and naturalization documents.
It would be best to contact a recruiter though.
November 22nd, 2004  
Welcome. Hope you like it here. Hope you're able to join the U.S. Navy. Just one question, what's wrong with the Phillipenes' military?
November 22nd, 2004  
Welcome Leo
December 2nd, 2004  
Hey here's what I can tell you,

If you want to join the Navy as enlisted, you can do that if you have just your green card, no biggie and when you've fulfilled five years of legal residence, you will get your citizenship pretty quickly especially if youre a vet or still in the military.

If you want to go in as an doctor (officer), you have to pass your boards for General Medical Practice here in the US first and foremost. If you pass them to become a naval officer, you must be a citizen, but since they are in shortage for physicians at all departments of the military, the Dept of the Navy may be able to pull some strings and do some kind of citizenship in exchange for a certain year commitment, but really and truly, the boards are the ones that get you.

I used to live in Mexico and I was studying medicine before I decided to change my major to international business and I knew if I ever wanted to practice med in the US, I would have to pass the boards and those are tough ass. GOOD LUCK!