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April 23rd, 2005  
o line destroying us, that's because coach won't let any resistance come from d line during scrimmage. And i've seen what o line does during games, they just hit a block and stay with it. D line has to be constantly moving to make sure they get to the ball and fulfill their objective, when's the last time you ran out of breath running to the endzone? BTW, coach martinez said he would rotate but never does, especially for me since i'm the one who can keep up the whole time, unlike some people.
April 24th, 2005  
this can go on forever. i offer a white peace. truce?
April 26th, 2005  
I played D-End through Highschool. However, that was in Canada, so I'm probly not even close to the level you guys are at. :P
April 27th, 2005  
i accept a ceasefire so that we stop bleeding each other... for now.

And why is canadian football so weird? you have extra yards and players, why?
April 27th, 2005  
Well we played NFL rules, I was just saying that Americans take their highschool sports way more seriously.

However, Canadian football is 12 man, 3 downs, with unlimited back feild motion. They also play on a witder and longer feild.
June 13th, 2005  
i follow high school and college football. friends are super good play (played they grad in 2 weeks) @ mission viejo! few of my friends are gettin full rides to universities.
I might be Varsity Next year. Our Texas High school team goes to state every year.
what school??? i know southlake carol did awesome. MVHS is awesome but theres nothing like texas football and its fans haha 8)
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August 29th, 2005  
On defense i can give you some strategy. We run a 5-3 defense and its really good. We have two outstanding 4tech. but our linebacking core is really young. This defense is so good even with bad backers, we still only let up 240 yds. against a team that has won 25-33 conference championships
August 29th, 2005  
last year we moved to a 4-4 defense. i kinda like it, its real good for pass coverage, but it took a while to get used to.