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December 17th, 2004  
The reason why friday the 13th is considered bad is because it was Friday the 13th 1307 that the Knights of the Templar were accused of being heratics by the pope, and arrested the inquisitor general of France, William Imbelt, the chaplain to the king. They were tried without counsel, and most confesed to crimes they didn't commit under horrendous torture. They were summarily burnt at the stake. It's not unlucky, well it wasn't to start with, it just changed into that. It was considered to be a day of mourning for a long time.

Just as a background, the Templars were Knights vowed to poverty, who protected pilgrims during the crusades. Yet when they came back the had discovered something mighty interesting the church wanted hushed up, so they appeased them with masses of land and riches, and then killed them off.