Flowers for Kim Jong-un or Operation White Chrysanthemum

Flowers for Kim Jong-un or Operation White Chrysanthemum
November 10th, 2017  

Topic: Flowers for Kim Jong-un or Operation White Chrysanthemum

Flowers for Kim Jong-un or Operation White Chrysanthemum

It would seem that yesterday North Korea showed itself to be a nuclear state without securing the approval of the world community and Asia Pacific has successfully been competing with Yellowstone in scope of the menace to America's safety. Once he got those dangerous toys, chubby comrade Kim Jong-un started fulminating threats against the American leader and the United States of America on the whole, making it clear that the North Koreans have got awfully tired of watching annual performance made by their neighbours jointly with the US Forces right under the Pyongyang's nose.

The situation has taken such a turn that the USA and South Korea made a decision to hold extra military exercises off the coast of the Korean Peninsula with involvement of a nuclear-powered US Navy submarine in October, instead of March as it used to be. Besides, the Spartan 3000, South Korean recently established elite "decapitation" group, also took part in the training.


I would have attached little significance to this unusual event, if only immediately after it ended the CIA chief Mike Pompeo, wouldn't come out with an odd joke. "With respect to, if Kim Jong-un should vanish, given the history of the CIA, I'm just not going to talk about it," he said at the National Security Summit. Those words sounded as a sinister warning and maybe even as indirect excuse for the North Korean leader's paranoia coming from the head of organization, which has a record of involvement in plots to overthrow or eliminate leaders of a series of countries. As the saying runs, there is a shard of truth in every joke. At this point in time, while making such hints the CIA head has been getting of the nerves of Dee-Perk chieftain, who's already been put in a fume with those seekers for Key Resolve playing war at the borders of his domain.

I referred to the public relations officer of the ROKA subdivision to bring light to the situation. I shall call him Son. We got acquainted several years ago when I was writing a story about Korea Military Academy for a student project. Our cooperation was very fruitful. That time Son expressed a wish to continue it. That is why I took advantage of his offer and arrived to the Seoul suburb at his unit housing. This time my informant turned to be too busy to leave the base. The command called him every now and then, so we failed to make an interview. We were sitting in an army canteen and were interrupted by helloes of his kith all along.

Korean militaries, as well as soldiers of any other countries, have been very suspicious about foreigners. They also don't like media personnel. That is why I had to forget about voice recorder and camera. We discussed myths surrounding the "decapitation" squad. Son confirmed that Spartan 3000 not only can be deployed to any part of the Korean Peninsula within 24 hours, but obtain the hit during this time. "You will be describing what happened in your next article," my companion stated with a modicum of pride. It certainly was an extremely amusing information, but also useless indeed. Just likewise recently committed Key Resolve military training in the East and West Seas and Foal Eagle computer-infiltration exercise that were covered by all media resources. Son complimented his colleagues noting that they "killed" Kim Jong-un in record-breaking time this bout.

However, something rather newsworthy happened during that chat-in. After mentioning the North Korean dictator, one the soldiers who came for lunch approached us and asked whether I was an American. Having a positive reply he energetically told that his brother was one of the "three thousand" and he came home not long ago for he was granted a furlough before "the real thing." "A fat monster won't be able to threaten anyone, still winter is not over. We will bury him in white chrysanthemums and replace him with some nicer guy," the soldier finished his rant with lively gesturing and went back to his table.

It seemed to me that Son was somehow embarrassed and worried about such frankness. I expressed my hope that his fellow serviceman had not put his foot in his mouth. I was assured that, in spite of emotionality, everything was said within limitation of information disclosure at the territory of their base. "Otherwise you and me would already been on our way to "Daejeon" [the best known prison in South Korea author's note]," said Son. We both laughed. It wasn't cheerless laughter, though.

Later on I stayed for a while looking forward to converse with an emotional guy. I asked him for the reason he mentioned white chrysanthemums. Apparently he was pleased with such an attention to his words. "Because here, in Korea, we place white chrysanthemums around decedent at his funeral, savvy? Operation White Chrysanthemum. Together with your folks we will give commies something to remember us by." A soldier gave me a conspiratorial wink and walked away.

I did not dare to ask more for fear to be taken for a spy. The same matter stopped me from addressing the US Command. It is one thing to give coverage to everyday life in training military units. But it is totally different to query about the future combat operation. I was lucky enough to meet too boastful military man (which is common among the far eastern people) and to hear more than I should to.

Acquired information nevertheless didn't make me happy. South Korea in tandem with the USA has been really preparing the North Korean leader's elimination operation. The Central Intelligence Agency publicly confirmed its crucial role in the operation mounting. There is already a convenient candidate to replace Kim Jong-un. In view of the media fuss surrounding a half nephew of the North Korean leader Kim Han-sol, the top choice is no secret. This young man of European upbringing and education, disapproves his uncle who killed his father and raves about utopian dreams about "better life" in his native country. He must become a perfect head of pro-American government open to dialog.

The question is whether he would make it up to that point. There is always another mad relative who would press the "nuclear button" even if operation White Chrysanthemum would be successful. Everything would fall in the depths of the Third World War hell then.

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