Florida vs. New Orleans

Florida vs. New Orleans
January 21st, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Florida vs. New Orleans

Florida vs. New Orleans
Florida: We have a plan
New Orleans: We gots us a plan, too

Florida: We have trucks waiting on higher ground to move food, etc.
New Orleans: We gots our trucks parked, too. Dey Jus in 6 feets of

Florida. Police will be back on patrol just as soon as we can move
New Orleans: Cops Loot Wal-Mart

Florida: Home owners begin clearing debris by themselves.
New Orleans: Who's gonna clean up dis mess?

Florida: It'll cost me some savings to rebuild, but...
New Orleans: Where de damn govenment wit dem debit cards?

Florida: We are partners with FEMA, but it starts here first.
New Orleans: Damn FEMA, why dey wasn't ready?

Florida: It was worse than I believed. I should have evacuated.
New Orleans: Dey didn' send nobody to gets me.

Florida: Leaders: we have work to do, let's get started.
New Orleans: Leaders: let's go to Las Vegas and party.

Florida: We made a few mistakes, but we learned.
New Orleans: It was ______ (fill in the blank) who was at fault.

And you wonder why Florida isn't getting the news coverage New Orleans
got? The media doesn't want to see a state with its act together or
watch people work to rebuild. Whining, complaining and infighting.
That's news, Baby! Now do you believe and trust the news media? Now it
is your turn to pass this email to all your friends and tell them the

Sent to me by my Sis in FLA
January 22nd, 2006  
Florida is hit by major hurricanes all the time. We know whot to take care of ourselves when a hurricane hits.

2004 season
Tropical Storm Bonnie

Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Jeanne

2005 Season
Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Wilma

These are all thhe storms that hit last year and the year before. We deal with this all the time. Florida can take care of it's self. We're not some socialist liberal democrat state. We don't depend on the FEDs for help.
January 22nd, 2006  
Andrew came ashore 14 miles from my house back in 90. I was 2 years old, so I don't remember it, but from what I understand, the living room entrance was blocked by a huge amount of sheetrock and we were picking up shingles for weeks. We've always had a good family structure and relied on each other, so when Lily hit in 02, we had no problems picking things back up. That being said, New Orleans residents, mold or no mold, bungling or no bungling, need to bond together and get to work.
Florida vs. New Orleans